Controlling machine temperatures is essential for optimal machine performance. Condition Monitoring Services offers a focused coolant test suite to identify potential problems before they lead to major repairs and downtime.

Test Method Units Coolant Extended
Conductivity Conductivity Meter µS/cm
Clarity Visual n/a
Colour Visual n/a
Glycol Refractometer % v/v
Nitrite Redox Titration ppm
pH ASTM D1287 n/a
Visible Solids Visual n/a
Aluminium (Al) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Boron (B) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Calcium (Ca) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Chromium (Cr) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Copper (Cu) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Iron (Fe) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Lead (Pb) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Magnesium (Mg) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Molybdenum (Mo) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Phosphorus (P) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Potassium (K) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Silicon (Si) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Sodium (Na) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Tin (Sn) ASTM D6130 ppm  
Zinc (Zn) ASTM D6130 ppm  
(Concentration by Refractive Index)
Refractometer % v/v  
Chloride A9212 mg/L  
Boiling Point ASTM D1120 °C  
Freezing Point ASTM D1177 °C  
Hardness ASTM D1126 mg/L  
Reserve Alkalinity ASTM D1121 mL  
Sulphate CMS.T103 mg/L  
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) A2540 ppm  
Test inclusion or method may be subject to change without notification.
Contact Condition Monitoring Services for further information.
Glossary of abbreviations and symbols:
Included as standard
n/a Not applicable
% v/v Percentage volume by volume
°C Degrees centigrade
µS/cm Micro-Siemens per centimetre
mg/L Milligrams per litre
mL Millilitres
ppm Parts per million
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